John and Anni Furniss: I gained vision when I lost my sight.

John and Anni
John posing with one of his pieces

“There’s a plane full of people, they’re waiting for the pilots to get on. The pilots get on and they’re in their uniforms and everything. They’ve both got sunglasses on, one has a white cane and the other has a guide dog, and everyone is kind of laughing like oh these blind guys are teasing us. But, they go up into the cockpit and close the door and the engine starts and the plane starts going down the runway faster and faster and the passengers see they’re about to go off the end and into the water and they all start screaming. Right at that time, the plane lifts up into the air and there’s no problem. Meanwhile, up in the cockpit, one of the pilots says to the other, ‘You know Bob, one of these days they’re gonna scream too late and we’re all gonna die.’



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